Pastoral Staff


Alex Mahaffey

Lead Pastor


Deb Crabtreee

Executive Pastor


Dale Wine

Connections Pastor


Adam Widecan

Worship Pastor


Emily Grubbs

Kid’s Pastor


Jay Zollars

Youth Pastor


Teresa Bowden

Outreach & Young Adult Pastor

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Rick Beavers

Community Life Pastor


Nate Henderson

Technical Arts Director

Support Staff


Hannah Spaniak
Office Manager

Kristin Nicholas
Office Assistant

Ruth Anderson
Early Childhood Director


Lowell Flint

Ed Buehler
Property Manager

Steve Gill
Facility Manager


Ken Schmerr


Jessica Fresquez


WCN began on November 25, 1956, with a group of people interested in organizing a Nazarene church in Pisgah. These thirty people met at the home of Fred and Pearl Hawks. The group operated as a mission until January 6, 1957, when the first service was officiated. The church was organized as the Pisgah Community Church of the Nazarene.

The church continued to meet in the home of Fred and Pearl Hawks, 8698 Cox Road. In March 1957, the church purchased the land at 7906 West Chester Road, with ground-breaking in October for the first of several buildings. The first sanctuary was completed in May 1958, and soon after, a parsonage was purchased at 8450 Steleta Drive.

Faith in a faithful God who gives and empowers the visions He entrusts to His people soon led a growing congregation to build another new sanctuary in 1961. Several years later, the parsonage was sold. In 1974, a third sanctuary was built on the West Chester Road property to accommodate the growing congregation. A new parsonage was purchased at 7071 Hollywood Drive during the 1980’s.

In 1984, a decision was made to purchase 69 acres on Tylersville Road. The facilities on West Chester Road were sold to Pisgah Heights Baptist Church, and relocation to 7951 Tylersville Road became a reality in July of 1989. With the move to Tylersville Road the congregation voted to change the name of the church to West Chester Church of the Nazarene. The sanctuary was finished and dedicated on July 24, 1994. The decisions to sell acreage to Chesterwood Village Retirement Center, Kohl’s, Kroger, and the library all came to pass, leaving the church with 23 acres. A new parsonage at 8341 Country Oaks Station was purchased in July 1996. This parsonage was sold in 2003.

The DNA of WCN is a church that is faithful to embody the gospel of Christ. We are a church that loves to worship God, grow spiritually, participate in missions, and make an impact in our surrounding community.