Philosophy of Worship

Worship the Lord your God with all your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind, and with all of your strength. Worship is something we do. Call, sing, clap, shout, play, come, give, cry, wait, lift hands, bow down, proclaim these are the verbs of worship! It is not passive. It is opening one’s heart to God and enjoying a loving communion with Him.

The arts realize their most exalted purpose as they are used in a profoundly beautiful and powerful means to an end of praising and worshiping the living God. As wonderful as the arts are, they are still just the gift.

God equips each one of us with gifts, talents, abilities, desires, and passions for different areas of ministry. WCN believes that your area of service and ministry should line up with your passion, talents, and spiritual gifts. In the arts, the level of talent may vary widely, but the passions and desire is the same for all. There are many areas of service into which you can invest your times and effort and we pray that God will confirm in your heart the area of service that He has for you at WCN.

 If you are interested in serving, please email Pastor Adam.

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